Fitness in 2022

Setting your fitness goals for 2022?
Christmas Day is nearly here and we’re all anticipating lots of great things to eat and drink and maybe not thinking too much about the coming New Year.
But we don’t have to blow our exercise regime while we’re blowing the diet. A little bit of movement during the Christmas week, a couple of walks, maybe dialling back the calorie intake on a few of the days between Christmas and New Year, who knows? maybe even a couple of 30 minute fitness sessions or a run before Dec 31? I can help you with some ideas during a 30 or 40 minute Zoom over the holidays. It doesn’t have to be burpees and fighting for breath, although I can certainly set you challenges whatever your fitness level.
Come January 1 we all want to get serious. If you’re used to exercise and fitness programmes, you’ll already have your gym sessions or running progressions mapped out.
But what if you’ve been off exercise for a while or have never really been into it or just want to “do something”? Setting goals can be a bit trickier. Let’s make sure our goals are smarter. That’s specific, with measurable outcomes, adjustable, realistic, time-based, exciting and recorded.

Drop me a line if you want to work out a personal exercise and nutrition regime that you’ll enjoy. I can help you set realistic goals that you will have fun achieving not goals that set you on a path to frustration and disappointment by Febraury. Now, pass me a mince pie, I fully intend to enjoy Christmas.

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