It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Flexibility and strength work ahead of Brighton Marathon on Sunday April 10.

When people say “you don’t have to run a marathon, you know,” I smile and answer : “Yes. But what if you wanted to see what happened when you try?” That’s kind of the point of setting goals. You can’t do it yet. I couldn’t run a marathon a year ago but I’ve trained and prepared and I’m going to have a good go on Sunday. I’m not saying marathon running should be your goal, goals are relevant and personal to you.

Call me on 07840 459880 and let’s chat about your goals. A couch to 5k? Wanting to get fitter for the summer and feel good in yourself? Work on diet and nutrition? Preparing for a charity event? Self defence? Mobility? Let’s explore the possibilities. I can come to you, meet you in a public place or work with you over Zoom.

I am a level 3 Personal Trainer. Anything is possible if you break it down and work with patience and purpose.

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