What we do

Fifty Reasons Fitness
Who Am I? – I am a personal trainer with 20 years experience teaching fitness and martial arts to people of all ages and am interested in helping people to set and achieve health and fitness goals. I want to inspire people who might have let their fitness slide, perhaps while they were raising kids and forging careers to focus on their own health and be ready to get the best out of the coming years. I can set you challenges that can jump start your fitness into positive life changes that will pay off for years to come.

Who Are You? – You may be wondering where that fitter you went. You might never have been much into fitness in the first place and are wondering how you are going to stay strong and healthy in the future. You want to go at your own pace in your own space and you like gyms even less now than you did before Covid-19. You probably know you need to do something but you want help to develop lifestyle changes that mean you can face whatever life is going to throw at you with strength and poise. You might even just want to get moving and have an enjoyable and varied workout!

Where’s This Going? – Combining strength, agility, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular work with sound no-nonsense nutrition information this isn’t a one size fits all programme. I have years of experience coaching children, adults and seniors helping them maximise their strengths and to work on turning weaknesses into strengths. With a strong background in martial arts I believe fitness should be fun as well as functional and I know that lasting change is possible.